Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Our trip to Pataka

On Wednesday, Room 1 and Room 1 extension went on a fun trip to Pataka to learn about toys of the past. We listened to Linda talk about the differences between toys we have now and toys children had a long time ago, including the materials used to make toys, and how they worked. We also discovered lots of the games children play now haven't changed at all from the games children used to play a long time ago!

The class was lucky to be able to have a turn with some old wooden spinning tops, a game using coconut shells called Lafoga, a game of marbles, and making cardboard spinners.

Linda shows us an old knucklebone from a cow.

Linda explains that the first hoops came from wooden barrels, and that children ran alongside them trying to keep them rolling, instead of using them like a hula hoop.

A wooden puzzle so old and delicate that Linda has to use gloves to touch it.

Spinning tops! 



Cardboard spinners

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